Drugs commonly administered by iv infusion in the ICU

AMIODARONE (150 mg ampl) (Cordaron)
Loading Dose: 5-10 mg/kg (in 5 min.)
Maintenance Dose: 5 ug/kg.min
Dilution: 750 mg/250 ml D5W
Final Concentration: 3 mg/ml

Antiarhythmic Prevents Vfib.

1. Mix 900mg in 500 ml D5W.

2. This will yield 1.8 mg per ml.

3. Mix in Glass.

4. Bolus 150 mg over 10 minutes.

5. Then 360 mg over next 6 hours.

6. Then 540 mg over remaining 18 hours.

Comments:Use central iv line; terminal half-life 18-40 days; asthma exacerbation; abrupt hypotension and A-V block may occur; use only in life-threatening arrhythmias


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