Cardiology In Critical Care

Lethal Dysrhythmias of the Heart

Asytole and Ventricular Standstill

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Asystole/Ventricular Standstill

A. No ventricular activity. No ventricular contraction.

B. Clinical significance - no cardiac output.

C. Characteristics

1. usually a straight line
2. may have atrial activity (P waver)
3. may have occasional QRS complexes (escape heats)

Primary Ventrlcular Standstill

Asystole/Ventricular Standstill


1. CPR, Intubate at once, N access, confirm. in more than one lead

a. Consider causes: hypoxemia, hyperkalemia, hypokalemia, drug overdose,
MI, hypothermia

2.. Consider immediate Transcutaneous Pacemaker

3. Drugs- epinephrine, atropine