1mg atropine= 10ml bristojet

Symptomatic bradycardia: 0.5-
1.0mg I.V. push q. 3-5 min, not to
exceed a total dose of 0.04mg/kg

Asystole or PEA: 1mg I.V push q.
3-5min, not to exceed total dose of

Relative bradycardia- HR wnl but
insufficient to meet demands

Don’t give less than 0.5mg per dose because the possible paradoxical effect may furtherslow heart rate

Use cautiously in presence of MI

If given via ET tube: dilute 1-2mg in 10ml sterile water or saline- follow with 10 ml flush of NSS

Enhances SA node automaticity and AV conduction via direct vagolytic action.

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