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Blood Group Compatibility

nursebob 01/01/01

Blood groups are determined by the presence or absence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells. A, B, and Rh are the most clinically signifant blood antigens.

Blood Group Compatibility

Type A compatable with type A or O

Type B compatable with type B or O

Type AB compatable with type A, B, AB, or O

Type O compatable with type O only.



Blood Type Rh Compatibility.

Recipient Blood Group Antibodies present in plasma Compatible RBC's Compatible plasma
O anti-A and Anti-B O O,A,B,AB
A Anti-B A,O A,AB
B Anti-A B,O B,AB
AB Neither Anti-A nor Anti-B A,B,AB,O AB


Donor's Blood Group Antibodies Present in Plasma Compatible RBC recipients compatible Plasma Recipients
O Anti-A and Anti-B O,A,B,AB O
A Anti-B A,AB A,O
B Anti-A B,AB B,O
AB Neither Anti-A nor Anti-B AB AB,A,B,O


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