Calcium Ca

1. Mix 500mg/100ml D5W or NS.
2. Give over 30 minutes.

Calcium Chloride
(increases myocardial contractile function-positive inotropic effect
modulated by effect on SVR + or -)

10ml bristojet = 1Gm

(1ml= 100mg)

0 Hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia, after multiple transfusions or Calcium channel blocker toxicity: 8-16mg/kg of 10% solution; repeat if necessary
-May cause slowing of HR
- May precipitate digitalis toxicity
-Precipitates with Na Bicarb

Normal Lab values: 8.8-10.5

Action: Serves as framework for bones and teeth. Essential for blood clotting, for normal functioning of the central nervous system and for muscle contraction and neuromuscular stability. Stabilizes cell membranes.

Regulated by Parathyroid hormone, thyrocalcitonin, vitamin D, kidney function.

Daily requirement 800 mg

Major concentration is in the bone. 50% of serum Ca++ is bound to protein. Normal gastric acidity is necessary for absorption in the gut.

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