(dopaminergic, beta and alpha

Rember to fill the tank.

Mix 200 or 400 mg in 500 mg of D5W.

Premix= 400mg/250cc D5W

Hemodynamically significant hypotension:

low dose-
1-2 mcg/kg/min=cerebral, mesenteric and renal vasodilation; UOP increase; HR & BP unchanged

mid dose- 2-10 mcg/kg/min= increased cardiac output

high dose- >10mcg/kg/min=
increased SVR, PVR, preload
secondary to renal, mesenteric,
peripheral arterial and venous

toxic dose- >20mcg/kg/min
ischemic changes

Symptomatic bradycardia- add
norepinephrine if > 20mcg/kg/min

If infiltrates use regitine phentolamine. Give multiple 1ml iniections SQ in a circle around area of infiltration.

Ehould be given via central line.

* Use lowest dose that produces desired effect

* Avoid in hypovolemia, high SVR, pulmonary congestion or increased preload

* Avoid Na Bicarb line
* Avoid extravasation
* MAO inhibitors potentiate effects

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