Nurse Bob's MICU/CCU Survival Guide


About Me.

My name is Bob. I have been a nurse for over thirty years. I got my first nursing license in 1977.  Most of my time was in the military. I retired from active duty in 1992 and started working at a local medical center. I have always been bedside, hands on nurse. Many people have asked me why I have not moved into a management or administration position. I have had several offers, I guess the best answer is that I love what I am doing and have distaste for the politics involved in management. I became a nurse to care for those less fortunate then I and that is what I enjoy doing.

The Website.

Around 1999 I created a website that was initially for my on personal use. I would collect bits of information and file them away and refer them during my daily practice.  After awhile, several colleagues discovered the website and encouraged me to go public. A few months later, I obtained the domain,, and posted the site. This is a free website. Likewise, I make no money from the site.

I have made every attempt to keep the site accurate and as up to date as possible. However, there may be some parts, which may not be accurate. Please bear in mind this is an internet site and all information should be validated before being used. Please email me at if you have any suggestions for improvements or corrections I still pick at the site from time to time, for this reason articles may at times appear incomplete.

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