Bolus: Give by direct IV injection. 50-75 units/kg over one minute.

Dose 700-1000 u /hr

Monitor PT/PTT every six hours.

Venous thrombosis and to prevent
deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Anticoagulant inhibits clotting of blood and fibrin clots.
Hemorrhage, prolonged PTT, GI bleeding, chills, fever, rhinitis, acute reversible thrombocytopenia.

Antidote: Protamine Sulfate

1. Verify rate with 2 licensed people.
2. If going out of unit place on separate pump.


PTT Less than 40
Bolus 3000 Units
Dont stop
Increase rate by 100 units
PTT in 6hrs

PTT 40-49
No bolus
Dont stop
Increase rate by 100 units.
PTT in 6 hrs

.PTT 50-75
This is target
No bolus
No rate chanse

PTT 76-85
No bolus
Dont stop
Decreasc be 100 units
!PTT Next AM

PTT 86-100
No bolus
Stop 30 minutes
Decdeasc by 100 unity
PTT In 6 hours

PTT Over 101
No bolus
Stop for 1 hour
PTT in 6 hours
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