1. Mix 2gms in 500mg D5W.
2. Give 1-4mg per minute

Iinitially, 1-1.5mg/kg I.V. push; repeat q. 3-5min to max of 3mg/kg

1mg per minute is 15ml per hour.
2mg per minute is 30ml per hour.
3mg per minute is 45ml per hour.

100mg = 10ml bristojet
1GM/250 D5W= Premix drip

VF or pulseless VT refractory to electrical countershocks and epinephrine.

Stable VT or stable wide-complex tachycardia of uncertain origin: repeat doses of half the original dose

If lidocaine successfully converts the VF/VT; begin a continuous infusion @ 2-4mg/min (1mg=15cc on pump)

* Use 2-2.5 times the IV dose when given via ET tube; followed by 10 ml saline flush

* If toxic symptoms develop (slurred speech, altered LOC, muscle twitching and seizures), stop the drug or reduce the dose

* Do NOT give this drug if PVCs occur with bradycardia or escape rhythm.

* No longer recommended for VF/VT prophylaxis in acute MI

* Suppresses ventricular arrhythmias and elevates the fibrillation threshold (less likely to occur)

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