Magnesium Sulphate (MSO4)

Mix in D5W NS

1gm in 50 ml - Give over 1 hour
2gm in 50 ml - Give over 2 hour
3gm in 50 ml - Give over 3 hour

(physiological calcium channel blocker and blocks neuromuscular

5Gm/10ml bristojet

Torsades de points: Drug of Choice: up to 5- 10 gms have been used

Acute MI with hypomagnesemia:
intermittent or continuous infusion
0.5- 1.0 gm/hr

VF/VT with hypomagnesemia:
1-2Gms diluted in 10 ml D5W given
IVP over 1-2 min

Monitor for flushing, sweating, bradycardia and hypotension; also if toxicity may see depressed reflexes, flaccid paralysis, circulatory collapse, respiratory paralysis and diarrhea

Magnesium Mg 1.5-2.4

Action: Acts as coenzyme in metabolism of CHO and proteins, Regulates neuromuscular excitability and phosphate level, acts as a cofactor in ATP maintenance.

Regulated by kidney function and parathyroid hormone.

Daily requirement 250 mg.

has higher concentration in cerebrospinal fluid than in serum. 35% is bound to protein. Stored in bone, muscle and soft tissue.
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