Nipride (Sodium Nitroprusside)

1. Mix 50 mg in 250 ml in D5W
2. Dose- 0.5-10 mcg/kg/min

Breaks down into Cynide. Cynide levels should be checked every 24 hours.

Antidote for Cynide is Sodium Thiosulfate.

Mix 12.5 gm in 50 ml
Give every 24-48 hours.
Early confusion

Monitor blood pressure via art.

50mg/250 D5W or NSS

Severe Hypertension; 0.5- 8.0mcg/kg/min
* Monitor for hypotension

* Toxicity includes tinnitus, visual blurring, altered mental status, nausea, abdominal pain, hyperreflexia, and seizures.