Potassium (K) Administration

Normal - 3.5-5.0

Never give over 40 mEq IV.

10 mEq per hour with ECG Monitor.

1. Peripheral Line - Maximum concentration is 40 mEq/500 ml or 80 mEq per Liter.

2. Central Line - 10-20 mEq in 100 ml up to 30 mEq while in a ICU setting.
3. If giving over 30 mEq a physician must be present.

Potassium chloride
Low serum K+, low Cl -; digitalis
Monitor K+ and Cl-. Monitor for signs of hyperkalemia (wide QRS complex, tall, peaked T waves, disappearing P wave and asystole.

Watch for phlebitis, pain or redness at IV site.

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