Cardiology In Critical Care

Lethal Dysrhythmias of the Heart

Sinus Arrest / Sinus Block

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Sinus Arrest/Sinus Block

A. The sinus node Mis to function for a prolonged period. In sinus block, me sinus node functions, hut the impulse is not conducted to the ventricles.

B. Chnical Significance - will led to cardiac arrest with asystole unless another pacemaker takes over.

1. Junctional pacemaker - inherent pacemaker of 40-60/min.

2. Ventricular pacemaker - 2040/min.

C. Characteristics

1. In sinus arrest, there are no P waves; QRS waves will present only if an escape pacemaker has taken over.




1. Atropine

2. CPR if episode is prolonged and patient becomes hemodynamicdly unstable.

3. Transcutaneous or transvenous pacemaker.

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