Pulmonary Concepts In Critical CareEndotracheal/Tracheal Suctioning Checklist

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Critical Performance Elements



COMPETENCY STATEMENT: To provide care for the patient requiring endotracheal/tracheal suctioning.    
1. ***Washes hand. Identifies indications for suctioning.    
2. Explains procedure to patient.    
3. ***Assembles necessary equipment:

a. Prepares ambu bag and mask

b. Suction device with connecting tubing

c. Sterile suction catheter or in-line suction catheter.

d. Normal saline or water for clearing tubing.

e. Sterile or clean gloves, plus mask and goggles or face shield

f. Yankuer suction-tip catheter

4. ***Prepares for suctioning:

a. Dons personal protective equipment.

b. Prepares catheter for suctioning (attaches to connecting tubing; checks to make sure at 80-120 mm Hg). Checks function.

c. Hyperoxygenates and hyperinflates before and after suctioning (using ventilator 100% O2 setting and manual/sigh breaths or ambu bag).

d. Stabilizes ET/Tracheal tube while inserting catheter into tracheobronchial tree without application of suction during inspiratory phase.

e. Applies intermittent suction while rotating catheter for open suctioning; applies continuous suction and pulls straight back for closed suction during expiratory phase. Time not to exceed 10-15 seconds.

5. ***Resumes oxygen delivery system. Flushes catheter and suction tubing until clear.    
6. ***Reassess patient’s respiratory status for expected and unexpected outcomes.    
7. Discard used supplies per procedure. Dispose of suction canisters and connecting tubing as well as solution q. 24 hours.    
8. Document need for suctioning and results in a progress note at least once per shift and with any changes.    
9. ***Maintains sterile technique throughout procedure.    

*** Must perform these critical elements for successful completion.


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