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Critical Performance Elements



COMPTENCY STATEMENT: To set-up a single or triple pressure transducer system and perform blood sampling from arterial line without error.    
1. Assemble equipment. Wash hands.    
2. Plug transducer cable into monitor.    
3. Set scale for pressure being measured.    
4. Obtain NSS or Heparin flush solution as ordered by physician.    
5. Label IV bag with solution, patient’s name, date & time hung, time strip and initials.    
6. Spike IV bag with tubing, invert bag and remove all air by using flush.    
7. Fill drip chamber 1/3 full with flush solution and insert flush solution into pressure bag. By gravity, flush tubing ensuring all connections secure and all air is cleared. Replace vented caps with deadhead caps.    
8. Attach transducer to transducer holder on IV pole and to monitor cable.    
9. Pump pressure bag to 300 mm Hg.    
10. Level and zero the transducer:

a. Position the patient with HOB between 0 to 45 degrees, supine.

b. Locates the phlebostatic axis.    
c. Use level to level air-fluid interface of transducer with phlebostatic axis.    
d. Zero using proper procedure (close stopcock to patient, open cap to air, push and release "zero" button and wait for completion). Replace stopcocks and caps.    
11. Ensure waveforms correctly being monitored by the square flush test.    
12. Maintain sterile technique at all times.    
13. Drawing blood samples from A-line:

a. Release locking mechanism on SAFESET in-line reservoir by depressing on ridged areas. Pull back on plunger slightly to fill approximately 5 to 10cc. Fill no faster than 1cc per second to avoid occlusion of catheter.

b. Turn off the one-way stopcock immediately adjacent to the syringe.

c. Use betadine to wipe off the SAFESET sampling port, attach the SAFESET cannula with an ABG syringe or SAFESET cannula with vacutainer with blood tubes.

d. Aspirate an appropriate amount of blood for sample and turn off the one-way stopcock between port and patient. Remove Safeset cannula and blood collection device as a single unit.

e. Turn both stopcocks to the open position (parallel to the line) and gently return the fluid in the Safeset reservoir back to the patient. Return 1cc per second, until the plunger reaches the locked position.

f. Activate the flush device until the line is cleared of all blood.


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